Red Bean Chinese Pastry

My foodie friends were asking me what I'm going to do with all the red bean paste that I made the other day! Well, I guess this is the answer! Actually, this is not the only recipe that is using red bean paste. You can find out more from my previous postings. Probably, you can use the bean paste in your pancake as well. I think that is creative enough! This is a very thin form of pastry skin which I think it goes perfectly well with the red bean paste. So, enjoy ladies!

Ingredients for Pastry Dough :

(A) Water Dough
100gm all purpose flour
25gm icing sugar
25gm butter
40gm water

- combine flour & sugar and mix well.
- rub in the butter untill combined.
- stir in water to form a soft dough, leave aside for 30mins.
- divide into 12 portion

(B) Oil Dough

100gm all purpose flour
45gm shortening

- rub shortening to the flour untill well combined.
- knead to form a dough and leave aside for 30mins.
- divide into 12 portion.

*Red bean paste : 12 portion (30gm each)
Method :

- wrap (B) into (A), roll in long flat piece then roll it up like Swiss roll.

- turn 90 degree, and repeat once.
- then press dough with palm and roll out into a circular sheet.
- place in the filling and pleat pastry upward.

- then slightly roll flat, place them onto the baking tray.

- brush on egg glaze and bake for 20mins at 200'c.
Wa..La... here's my yummy red bean pastry! Looks like puffs and it's really crispy when it's still hot.
Hope to share these with you all...... =D


  1. Lovely recipe! I love the red bean paste. I wish I could have one of these delicious pastries right now... :)

  2. looks delcious and very interesting for me,a east- european!

  3. Well, I smell it from here already...

  4. Wow, that looks amazing. maybe next time you'll have a video on how to do that. :)

  5. Andrea : Thank you so much for stopping by. Glad that you like it too. Hope to share this with you.

    Alison : Nice to hear from you! And thank you for your nice comment as well. East-European, sounds great to me!

    Anncoo : Thanks!

    Divina : Thank you very much! What!!! Video...Ooo...ho...ho!

    Have fun and cheers.


  6. I wish I can make these nice things to eat! I am not a good baker like you at all.

  7. These look really good! You are very talented.

  8. I'm so glad that you posted this recipe. They look great! So let me see if I get this.

    You roll A into a ball and wrap B around it. Then after you flatten them both together in a long section, you swiss roll it, then turn 90°, then flatten it again, then swiss roll it, then make into circle dough to wrap around the bean paste. Did I get it right?

    You are such a talent! :)

  9. Penny : Of coz, you can do it! Just do it with your full heart. And enjoying the process.

    Pegasus : Thank you so much for your kind word. That's very kind of you. Hope to share this with you.

    Mary : Thank you, Mary!

    Lyndsey : Yeap, you're absolutely correct. If you're not so sure about it. Just turn to the thousands layer mooncake and follow the steps (the difference is you don't need to cut them out!). OK!

    Ladies, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  10. They have something like this in the Philippines called "hopia" (obviously of Chinese influence). I've always wanted to make some. I will have to try making this for my family maybe for thanksgiving and use pumpkin as filling instead! :) I'm so excited.

  11. Leslie : Hi there, welcome on board! Glad that you like this recipe as well. What you mentioned about 'Hopia', I think it has almost the same kind of looks but the pastry skin is more crispy than this one here. Which we called it 'xiang bing' over here! Have fun & all the best. Cheers.


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