Snakehead For Dinner

Snakehead is fresh water fish and it is also called as 'toman' over here. It is capable to grow by the weight of 20kg. My hubby caught one a couple of weeks ago and I'm still keeping it in my freezer. It is a 4-5kg snakehead, very meaty as you can see here. My hubby loveee fishing but he doesn't like to eat fresh water fish. So, I juz make these for the kids and myself when he's not around. It was a big headache when cooking this kind of fish because of my extremely picky son! He doesn't really like the smell of this kind of fish juz like his dad....ah huh..Like father like son! Normally, I'll either cook with 'assam' sauce or curry to cover the smell of the fish. But this round I tried something else and surprisingly my kids love it. Oh, I am terribly happy with it.'s the ingredients...
Ingredients for fish :
fish fillet, cut into block size
salt & pepper to taste
smashed black pepper corn
mixed herb
1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese
Parmesan cheese
curry powder
tapioca starch
Method :
- marinade fish fillet with salt & pepper,mixed herbs & smashed black pepper corn.
- add in tapioca starch for coating.
- preheat frying pan with 3tbsp butter.
- place in the fish fillet and fry untill golden brown.
- transfer the fish to a baking tray,
- top with cheese and curry powder.
- then bake at the upper level for 10 mins, at 220'c.

In the other hand, I have my potato wedges and coleslaw ready for dinner.
You can actually smell the aromatic curry flavour coming out from the oven once it's ready. Absolutely yummy fragrant!

And dinner is ready! Would you like to join me??? You won't believe it! My kids are now addicted to this flavour and asking for more.....ha ha! So jolly good.


  1. I love fish and have googled this fish to see a pictures and see if we can get it here in France. My gosh! It's threatening! I do not think we get it here, but I guess the recipe can be adapted for a different fresh water fish.
    I enjoyed reading your comment in my blog, as I said, I have never seen a Kiwi yard, but since I love vineyards, I am sure I'd enjoy them too. THank you also for the list of places to visit too! You made me make plans and travel with my mind!

  2. Your recipe looks great! I've never eaten toman fish before although I did swim in a lake in Taman Negara which is full of toman fishes, which I didn't know until after I got out of the lake. Haha. Luckily I did not get bitten. Just like your hubby & kid, I too don't like fresh water fish so I'll substitute it with a saltwater fish.

  3. For a minute there I thought you were going to cook a snake's head lol.

  4. I like to use the snakehead to cook soup, or to steam with preserved black beans. Gotta get a chance to try this with rich cheese and curry.
    Angie's Recipes

  5. Kristy, this sound so yummy! I've never had snakehead before and don't think I'll find it around here. Any suggestions on a different kind of fish that would bare well here? Besos Amiga!

  6. That fish looks really, really good. I would love to taste your cooking one day, Kristy.

  7. Marillyn : Hope you'll enjoy it lol!

    Laura : Oh..Laura, this is a carnivol! No kidding! One of my relative got bitten and his finger also fall out..yek!!! By the way, it's my pleasure to list out some of those interesting places of my country.

    P/Nyonya : You are really lucky, you know! If you got bitten then it's a serious problem. Don't play play huh!

    H/Housewife : Ha ha you! ha ha....

    Angie : Glad that you like it too and hope you'll enjoy the recipe as well.

    Diana : It's not easy to find this kind of fishes. You may use dorry fillet or salmon, as long as the meat is thick enough! Well, good luck and hope you'll enjoy it with your family.

    Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!

    Cheers, Kristy

  8. Divina : I got you too, right! You thought why kristy is cooking snake in her recipe...ha ha! Anyway, glad that you like it! Cheers & have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I will have to give this one a try, but I might soak it in lemon or another acid first. I am somewhat like your husband in not liking a strong fish taste - that is why you see a lot of grouper, snapper etc from me -

  10. That fish is not available here but your recipe should work well with any thick fillet. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us. Have a great day.

  11. I love fresh water fish. Up north in Michigan they have white fish, lake trout, coho and my favorite is lake perch and walleye, very mild and almost sweet. Down south in Florida we don't get much fresh water fish. We do eat salmon quite often, usually use a mojo criollo marinade. My daughter has always loved it that way so I wasn't going to mess with it. She is now trying a lot of different things, so I'll try your recipe for sure. It looks so good.

  12. This fresh water fish looks very "meaty"!
    Huh, one of my friends who is like your hubby, loves fishing but not eating fish.
    Your dish looks yummy with juicy fish meat. No wonder your kids love eating it.

  13. oh what a cool name for a fish love the idea of cheese and fish together

  14. Drick : But what about catfish? There're 2 types of catfish fresh water & salt water fishes.

    Mary : Thank you!

    Lyndsey : Hope your daughter is going to love it too!

    Christine : It's really flavourful with all those spices & herbs...especially with the cheezy topping!

    Rebecca : Most of them thought I'm cooking a snake head...ha ha ha!

    Cheers, Kristy

  15. What a wondeful recipe!
    Yummy combination of tatse and flavor.Next time when your prepare such dinner just let me know, I am sure to join you.
    And its great way to surprise guest by telling them-"Today is the day to taste snake head".
    ha ha ha!
    Keep smiling and sharing such great recipes.

  16. AWinner786 : Welcome on board. Thanks for your nice words! Yeah, you're right...some kind of surprise that they'll never forget! ha ha ha....Thanks again for stopping by. Cheers.


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