Handmade Noodle Soup

This is quite a common handmade noodle soup in Malaysia. You can easily see those little food stores selling this kind of noodle every corner. Normally, the noodle dough was made by whole wheat flour but I prefer it to be made by all purpose flour. The texture of the noodle is really different. It won't easily turn soft eventhough you leave it to the soup for a long time.

Noodle Ingredients :

400-500gm all purpose flour
1 egg
3/4 to 1 cup water

- mix everything together to form a dough and leave aside.

Soup Ingredients :

1500ml water

100gm fried ikan bilis/(1/2kg fried fish bones)

a few slices of ginger

2 big onion

100gm preserve 'da tou cai' (optional)

- put all ingredients into a pot and let it boil for 1/2 hour or more in medium heat.

- then remove everything out of the soup.

- add in some salt if you are not using 'da tou cai', and also some ground pepper.

- switch to low heat.
- seperate the dough into a few portion and then tear it into thin and small pieces.
- straight away put it into the soup untill finish the whole process.

- after finishing the noodle process switch to high heat.
- add in some vegetables as desire and fishball or fish cakes or crab sticks.
- let it boil for 5 mins and then serve.


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