My Little Orchids' Corner

The weather turns really hot lately. I'm really worried about my orchids, did not know if they'll able to survive throughout this season. So, I decided to take down some of the pictures as shown below. As I am staying at upper floor, space is always limited. Yet, I'm still trying my best to plant all these orchids at the back of the house.

This yellow twist orchid (have no idea what's the species) is the longest lasting one. It can stand for about 2 months plus. And then the followings are the one I've planted at the ground floor.

Actually, there are still about 10 species of my orchids not included in here. Have to wait for them to bloom !


  1. What a treasure trove and your pictures capture them so well! The orchids are just beautiful.

  2. This sure looks like heaven... Your orchids are beautiful... Awesome blog... I'll improvise my cooking skills also...

  3. wow...very pretty blooms! orchids are not that easy to grow i believe? very nice.


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