Kaya Bun

Still remember the kaya recipe that I've given a couple of days ago! There is still some kaya left in the fridge that I can use for the bun, so I did it! Here's my kaya bun.

Bun Recipe :


480gm bread flour
120gm all purpose flour
110gm sugar
3 tspn instant yeast
1/2 tspn salt


1 egg
280ml cold milk


60gm butter/magerine

**prepare some egg wash

-Add egg into the cold milk and whisk to combine.

-mix (A) in a mixing bowl and then add in (B) mixture, knead till you get a dough.
(the dough should be soft and a bit sticky)

-finally, add in the butter and knead till combine.

-first proof : 60 mins.

-division : 60gm/dough 8pcs & 30gm/dough 12pcs
(60gm dough is for kaya bun, 30gm dough is for mini sausage bun)

-then shape the dough and put it onto the baking tray.

-final proof : 30 mins

-don't forget to put on the egg wash.

-baking time : 20min at 200'c

These mini sausage buns can easily finish in just two bites. No wasting! I don't like to see those eating in half way and then started telling you that they are unable to finish the rest of the bun. Who going to finish up the rest for them? Well, this is just the right size specially for your afternoon tea treat.

This is the kaya bread I've been telling you about. I did some shaping so that the kaya won't just stuck in the middle of the bread but spread all over in the bread.

The shaping method for kaya bun :

Step one : roll the dough into flat and then spread the kaya on it.

Step two : roll up the dough and seal both end, so that the kaya won't drip out from the side .

Finally : tide a knot. Done!


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