Traditional Fatt Kuih (Rice Flour)

Ingredients :

Starter Dough**

240gm cold white rice
1 1/2tbsp wine yeast(pounded)
1/2 tbsp sugar
some water

- combine white rice, wine yeast, sugar and water together.
- cover and let it ferment for 2 to 3 days.

Ingredient A :

140gm sugar
400ml water
2blades pandan leaves

- heat water, sugar and pandan leaves together (do not boil) unitll sugar melted.
- leave to cool.

Ingredient B :

300gm rice flour

Ingredient C :

1/2 tbsp ENO (or 1 pkt = 4.3gm)
some food colouring

Methods :

- get 80gm of starter dough after the fermentation period.
- mix ingredient (A) , ingredient (B) and starter dough together and stir well.
- then, cover the mixture and leave for 2nd fermentation for 8-12 hours.
- finally, add in ENO after the 2nd fermentation and stir well.
- divide one or two portion for colouring.
- pour the batter into the cups and steam for 15mins.
- of course, the steaming time will run according to the cup size.

**the paper cups should be taller than the tin cups, so that you can get better out look.

Here you are!!! The traditional Fatt Kuih that I made. It was so soft and tasty. My family like it so much.

What do you think guys? By the way, this traditional fatt kuih can at least stand for a few days.


  1. smiles in every one, must be delicious

  2. Hi Lily, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, it was absolutely tasty! I wanted to make some more in another two more days. I thought you can't easily get the wine yeast at your place. Is it right? Even the asian store not selling it?

  3. hi there, i've try your recipe twice but it turn out bit hard and doesnt smile at all. is there any secret behind it?? can share??


  4. Hi Audrey,

    So sorry, I've missed your comment. Actually, the whole process is link. By the time you stir in the ENO, quickly place the batter to the cups and go striaght to the steamer while the ENO still active. And make sure your steamer is ready by then & the ENO also very well mixed. And must steam over high heat. Wish you luck!

    Regards, Kristy


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